Kenyan woman blacklisted by US Treasury over ISIS funding

The United States has imposed sanctions to a Kenyan who is facing terrorism-related charges.

Halima Adan Ali, who is in police custody, is said to have sent money to terror group Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria several times.

Her arrest last July by Kenyan security forces was the second.

The US Treasury department says she was part of a network that moved more than Sh15 million ($150,000) through the hawala system, to ISIS fighters in Syria, Libya and Central Africa.

Halima also served as a recruiter for Somalia’s Al-Shabaab militants, according to the Treasury department.

The US said it would seize any assets belonging to Halima, who is based in Mombasa, and bar Americans from engaging in financial dealings with her.

“Halima Adan Ali was designated for assisting in, sponsoring, or providing financial, material, or technological support for, or financial or other services to, or in support of ISIS,” a statement from the Treasury read.

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It said Halima played an integral role in an ISIS financial facilitation network spanning Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Eastern Africa.

She worked with one Waleed Ahmaed Zein to conduct transactions at the behest of his Syria-based family member in support of ISIS fighters. 

Between 2017 and early last year, Halima is said to have received large sums of money that she forwarded to ISIS fighters.

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