Waititu unveils Sh200 million kitty to drive start-ups

The county government has launched a fund to advance soft loans to youth and women willing to start small businesses.

The kitty dubbed Jijenge Fund was launched by Governor Ferdinand Waititu (pictured) at the county headquarters.

Mr Waititu said the kitty would benefit youth, women, people living with disabilities and vulnerable people in the society.

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He ordered the people and groups that will take up loans through the fund not to be charged any interest.

“The fund will give out loans to individuals, groups and also offer Local Purchase Order financing,” said Waititu.

He said his administration will be increasing allocation each financial year with Sh100 million in order to make the kitty accessible to many local residents.

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The kitty, which has own been rebranded, was initially known as Biashara Fund under the former Governor William Kabogo administration.

The governor urged individuals and groups who had taken loans through the now defunct Biashara Fund and had defaulted to start repaying so that other people can benefit.

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“As a county government, we are willing and ready to renegotiate with those who took up loans under Biashara Fund but they have defaulted,” he said.

Deputy Governor James Nyoro challenged the locals, and particularly the youth, to take advantage of the kitty to start small agro-processing industries.

Youth and Sports County Executive Karungo Thangw’a said the fund’s application forms would be channelled to the locals through their respective Members of County Assembly.

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