Woman wants court to evict brother from penthouse

A woman is seeking the court’s help to evict her brother from her penthouse after he allegedly framed her and her husband as terrorists.

Zahara Pote (pictured) disowned Ashraf Jamal Mohamed before the High Court in Mombasa and said he was a threat to her family, workers and tenants.

Ms Zahara told Justice Ann Omollo that Jamal wanted them deported so he could take over her property worth millions of shillings.

"I am sorry to say, but I no longer consider him my brother. He has put me through hell for the last four years. I want him out of my property because he is dangerous. He had me arrested and wants us out of the country," she said.

Jamal has sued his sister, who he accuses of forging and grabbing family property he claims were bequeathed them by their late mother. He is seeking a 60 per cent share of the suit estates.

In dispute are two buildings; a five-storey apartment in Makadar grounds and another five-storey building in Buxton worth Sh110 million.

Zahara said she put up the buildings using money she earned over 37 years when she served as a US Army contractor in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Kuwait.

She told Justice Omollo their relationship collapsed after Jamal planted 507 bullets in their house and had the couple arrested.

Zahara told the court their mother had transferred both properties to her in 2004 and 2011 after she allegedly realised Jamal had tried to forge the titles

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