South African pastor finally admits the "resurrected" man was not dead

Pastor Alph Lukau (in blue) claimed he had brought this man back to life.
Controversial South African preacher Alpha Lukau has finally confessed that the viral video shared on social media, showing him resurrecting a dead man, was stage managed.

In the video footage, the preacher is seen commanding a man in a casket lying as if he is dead to wake up, amidst  jubilation from the congregation, the man "resurrects"  upon being commanded by Pastor Lukau,

Lukau who runs a popular Alleluia ministry is said to have admitted that the man was brought alive to the church.

Standard Digital has learnt, through South African news portal, Timeslive, that Pastor Lukau regretted the whole ordeal in an interview with Power FM’s  Drive host, Thabiso Tema.

“Before entering the premises of the church, the coffin began to shake, meaning the person was alive. I am really sorry for the misrepresentation of facts, the man was not dead and has never been in the mortuary as we earlier said,” Mr Lukau explained.

At the time when the scandalous resurrection occurred, Lukau said he was on his routine duty of preaching the gospel like any other Sunday when he was interrupted and told that a dead man in a coffin was brought to the church.

“We are the house of God and I’m just a pastor serving in the house of the Lord. But I am sorry that we didn’t tell people the truth in the first place,” he added.

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According to Timeslive, Lukau has admitted that he lacks the power to resurrect the dead and only God has.

When the video went viral, Lukau faced mass criticism from both his netizens and social media user all over the world, with his fellow countrymen daring him to resurrect Nelson Mandela, South African founding president.

However, the legal officer representing Alleluia Ministries has refuted claims that Brighton Moyo, the man said to have been resurrected, was paid to stage the resurrection.

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