Pastor who resurrected a dead man asked to bring Nelson Mandela back to life

The pastor who claimed to have raised Dead Man – challenged to resurrect Nelson Mandela.
South African preacher Alph Lukau, who recently resurrected a “dead man” has been challenged to bring Nelson Mandela back to life.

This is after self-styled prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng went to the locked gates of Lukau’s Alleluia Ministries International in Johannesburg with the mission of confronting Lukau about raising a man from the dead.

Shouting, “I’m here to get answers!” outside locked gates, the church members, refused to let him in, instead, they locked the gates and walked away as he approached.

Mboro Shouting, “I’m here to get answers!” outside locked gates
He said if the pastor really had the power to resurrect, they should head over to Nelson Mandela’s grave and bring him back to life.

"Why do you walk away if I am wrong?  I want you to surrender and apologise. Can I see the leadership of the church? Maybe I can be prayed for. I want to call the pastor that we go to Nelson Mandela's grave and raise him," he said as the church members walked away.

Describing the resurrection stunt by Pastor Lukau as a shocking miracle, Mboro also accused Lukau of “bringing Christianity into disrepute” and said he wanted to plead with him to "abandon his devious ways and turn to the Lord".

 “I started healing before Lukau and I have never spoken against him. My problem is that he is affecting me as a Prophet and misrepresenting the scriptures,” Mboro said.

Mboro drove to Alleluia Ministries in his BMW i8
Mboro, who drove to Alleluia Ministries in Sandton in his BMW i8, also said he was not jealous of Lukau.

“I am not jealous, I gave most of my wealth away. I am here for Christ and I want him [Lukau] to apologise to the nation,” Mboro said

Lukau was nowhere to be seen during the entire incident.

The video of Lukau performing the "resurrection" has gone viral over the past few days.

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