Family in shock after husband kills wife, heads for bull fighting

Residents from Emukaba village gather at the late Daphine Maloba's home. [Duncan Ocholla, Standard]
A 45-year-old man from Emukaba village in Kakamega County has been arrested in connection to the murder of his wife.

The suspect, William Shivoko is alleged to have stabbed Daphine Maloba, cleaned her body to conceal evidence before he left to watch a bullfighting event in Lurambi.

He later went back home and consumed poison to kill himself but neighbours alerted the police who arrested him.

Villagers said the woman was the man’s fourth wife.

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Simon Furukha, a neighbour said Maloba’s youngest kid alerted them after he tried waking up his mother, who was not responding.

“We had not seen the victim since Saturday (February 16) and we thought she had travelled. When the child told us the mother was sleeping, we got curious and decided to check on her; it was shocking to stumble on a dead body,” Furukha said.

The victim’s brother, Kassim Maloba said he was shocked upon learning of the death of his sister.

“I visited the home and found she had been deep cuts on the thighs and back. She had been stabbed on the head with a knife, her hands tied with a wire and a hammer placed on her private parts,” Maloba said, adding, “my sister died a painful death. My heart bleeds for her.”

The family are demanding cops investigate the matter and help them get justice.

The victim’s father, Ramadhan Asaba said the couple had been married for seven years and had domestic squabbles for some time.

“As the deceased family, we demand that our son in-law to give us four cows and Sh30, 000.  One cow will be used for cleansing and the rest to pay bride price,” Asaba said.

He said before the suspect was arrested, he asked for forgiveness and promised to honor their pleas by giving them an extra Sh5,000 for transportation of the cows.

“According to Wanga traditions, we have to conduct cleansing ceremony to break curses which might befall the family following the murder incident. The cow will be slaughtered on the road and give the meat to the community,” he said.

He said if both parties fail to reach an agreement, the victim’s family will be forced to go and bury the body.

The suspect is said to have taken two cows to the victim’s family in December and also gave them Sh10, 000 as dowry payment.

Area sub chief, Justus Mukoshi condemned the incident and said the police were investigating the matter.

“Other suspects who might have colluded in the murder will be arrested and arraigned in court once the police complete investigation,” Mukoshi said.

Chief Advisor Special Programmes and Gender Affairs, Peninah Mukabane decried rising cases of murder.

“Cases of partners killing each other have been on the rise in the recent past as domestic disagreements spiral out of control. Couples should find alternative ways of solving disputes and not endanger the children,” she said.

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