There’s hidden agenda in teen sexuality campaign

Is there a teen sexuality epidemic in Kenya? In the last weeks, there has been an inordinately spirited expose on teen sexuality. Consistent and persistent highlights have been made in sections of the media, raising alarm over prevalent sexual activity among our teens. The highlights have been those of school girls who had to undertake KCPE or KCSE exams either in maternity hospitals or at home as nursing mothers. The nation has thus been held on tenterhooks wondering what must have gone wrong. To the casual observer, it may appear like there is a sudden crisis among our children, and unless something is done quickly, our teensare going to be pregnant, HIV positive, or dead in the hands of quack abortionists.

For a fact, our children have crossed the boundaries and in matters sex, are now playing in the super league well before their time. This is a matter that must concern every parent, teacher, pastor, and government. That notwithstanding, we must raise doubts about the magnitude of the problem as is being portrayed. It does appear that the expose has more than meets the eye, and with an agenda that is far from a genuine concern for our children. Keen observers may have noticed that, for the past years, the focus on teenage pregnancy has come in an almost precise and calculated frequency – usually about every six to nine months.

Sometime in September 2015, the government through the Ministry of Health, launched what was known as the National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy 2015 (ASRHP). James Macharia, the then Health Cabinet Secretary declared that his ministry, together with the Ministry of Education, were working to ensure that age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) was implemented in all schools.

This was ostensibly “to empower young people with appropriate information and skills to help them make informed choices about their sexuality.” Seven months later, in April 2016, the findings of a study were released claiming that, “Kenyan teenagers want to be taught how to use contraceptives, including condoms, oral pills and injectables, as part of sexuality education in school and at home.” The results were widely published, covering several pages in local newspapers.

About a year later, in June 2017, there was yet another big story in the media with findings of a “research” in which teenagers were reported to have “unanimously” demanded for contraceptives and other forms of reproductive health measures (read abortion). Seven months later, in January this year, it was the same story again, with fresh demands for the implementation of CSE.

This time round, some parents, the Church and other religious leaders came out strongly against the push for CSE. The result was a confrontation in which proponents of CSE argued that parents and the Church oppose CSE from a point of ignorance and naivety. Dr Fred Matiangi, the Education CS then, stepped in with a proposal to establish chaplaincy in all schools.

Well, it is hardly eight months since, but the CSE crusaders are back, this time riding on the wave of reports of exam candidates who either missed or did exams in unfavourable conditions due to teenage pregnancy. It would appear that in seeking to mount the crest of this wave, some abortionist institutions such as Marie Stopes, went all out to advertise for “safe abortion services” for our girls. In one of their online adverts, they boldly declare, “We won’t shy away from delivering services like safe abortion. We need to confront taboos and defy stigma, so that more women can end their pregnancies without putting their lives at risk.” Unfortunately for them, their efforts appear to have aborted after the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union demanded that Marie Stopes stops offering abortion services.

Interestingly, this new blatant push for abortion in particular and CSE in general, has stirred up a very strong negative sentiment among many Kenyans. Some are now signing an online petition to prevail upon the Education CS, Amina Mohamed, to not only pronounce herself on the matter, but to also declare that CSE shall not be implemented in our schools. But, from the look of things, this CSE matter is not going to die easily.

Like other unfavourable foreign ideologies and practices – abortion, homosexuality, feminism, atheism, prostitution – being pushed down our throats by strong and well-funded lobby groups, CSE appears to be the next frontier in the battle for our souls. The government must bring out its armies to defend our long cherished values that are now being trampled upon by callous groups and individuals.

- The writer is Presiding Bishop of Christ is the Answer Ministries. [email protected]

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