Man robbed of his gun, bullets from house in Parklands, Nairobi

Police are investigating an incident in which a businessman claims he lost his gun from his house in Parklands area, Nairobi.

The victim was out of the country at the time of the incident. He had left the pistol in his safe and when he realised it was missing at the weekend.

The licensed gun holder told police through his brother, he suspected his workers stole the weapon with 30 bullets. Police say they are investigating the incident with an intention of taking action.

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The officers handling the case said they are waiting for the licensed owner to arrive back from Dubai where he is for questioning.

“The law says if and when a holder leaves the country, he or she is supposed to surrender such a weapon to police for safe keeping. He did not do that,” said an officer aware of the probe.

There are more than 10,000 licensed gun owners in the country. The licensing board on a regular basis sit to hear cases of misuse of guns by the owners.

Before one is issued with a license to own weapons, he or she goes through a rigorous process.

The Firearms Licensing Board has written to more than 40 individuals who have misused their guns in the last year to inform them their licenses had been revoked.

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The issue of firearms ownership is thorny and controversial with misuse being on the rise. Gun holders usually go through rigorous process before they are issued with such a weapon.

Before one is allowed to own a gun, he or she is supposed to apply through an OCS who forwards to the OCPD who convenes a meeting of the district intelligence and security officers for review before it is sent to the county commanders for approval.

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