Kenya C team fall to visitors at Manyatta Polo Club in Gilgil

Harry Griffiths battles Ben Stone in Kids Challenge during Rift Valley Polo Cup at Manyatta Polo Club in Gilgil on August 2018 [COURTESY]
Defending champions Zambia beat Kenya C 8-4.5 as the Barclays Bank sponsored Under 18 International Schools Polo Championships kicked off at Manyatta Polo Club in Gilgil yesterday.

Starting the match at an advantage of 3.5 goals with a lower handicap, Kenya C team of Toby Grammaticas (1.0), Harry Stichbury (0.0), Omwakwe Arunga (0.0) and Megan Griffiths (0.0) were not strong enough for the Zambians.

Zambian team were handicap 1 Harry Millar, Nunu Henderson (0.0), Tristan Clayton (-1.0) and Ewan Pinkney (0.0).

Zambian captain Millar emerged as the man of the match after scoring four goals in the four chukkas.

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Millar scored first then Pinkney and Henderson for the Zambians to lead 3.5-3 at the end of the first chukka.

In the second chukka, Millar added two goals after being put through by Henderson with a back shot to reach 5-3.5 at the end of the second chukka.

Millar was on the mark again in the third chukka before Clayton added the seventh goal as their opponents made frantic efforts.

He sealed victory with their final goal in the fourth chukka before Toby Grammaticas pulled one back for Kenya C in the final chukka. Each chukka lasted seven and half minutes.

In the second match, Kenya A team of handicap 1.0 Ben Stonewigg, Harry Stichbury (0.5), Megan Griffiths (0.5) and Omwakwe Arungah (0.5) beat Kenya B 8-4.5.

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Like Kenya C in the first match, the Kenya B team of Izzy Stichbury (-0.5), Tom Stonewigg (0.0), Jadini Nzomo (-1.0) and William Millar (0.0) struggled against Kenya A at the advantage of 3.5 goals due to their low handicap.

Kenya A converted their goals through Stichbury -2, Stonewigg -4, Arunga-1 and Megan Griffiths-1. Kenya C’s consolation goal was scored by William Millar.

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