Buru Buru wife murderer convicted

The owner of a popular club in Buru Buru, Nairobi accused of killing his wife has been found guilty of murder charges by Milimani High Court.

High Court Judge Stella Mutuku while delivering he Judgement on Thursday said the prosecution has presented credible, consistent and well-corroborated evidence against Erustus Ngura Odhiambo.

“I have with great care considered all evidence from defense and prosecution and I find all the ingredient of murder proved beyond reasonable doubt. I find accused guilty of the offense of murder as charged and convict him accordingly,” said Mutuku.

Erustus Ngura Odhiambo alias Baba Billy alias Ediot was charged with murder in the year 2015.

He was accused that on the night of December 11 and 12 2014 at Waihura Court, Buru Buru Phase 5 Extension within Nairobi, murdered Linda Wanjiku Irungu.

14 witnesses testified in the case and after the conclusion of the prosecution case, the court established a case to answer against the accused and placed him on his defense.

She added that it is not denied that the same gun recovered from the accused car was fired in the course of that night or early morning.

The Judgement reads that when the accused finally spotted the deceased, she was inside her car preparing to leave Waihura Court.

He Jumped in front of her and blocked it.He moved to the driver’s side, opened the door and pulled the deceased out. The car was till in motion. It continued unattended and hit the gate, lightly denting it.

A serious quarrel ensued followed by the assault on the deceased and the eventual shooting.

Mutuku said the accused has not pleaded provocation or intoxication as defenses.

The accused and one other witness.Dr Emily Odhiambo Rogena a professor in Human Pathologist. Testified for the defense.

Prosecution case was that Ngura and Wanjiku were in relationship as man and wife and they had a wife.

The prosecution said that their marriage was contradictory because the family to the deceased side said they were just friends while Ngura said he had paid some Dowry.

What is not disputed is that the accused and the deceased had a son together and they had known each other for three years.

His first wife also lived in Buru Buru but in a different section of that Estate. The deceased lived with her Sister Diana Irungu, a baby and two house helps Monica and Brenda.  

Ediot is said to have killed his wife Linda Wanjiku on the night of December 12, 2014 at Waihura Court, Buruburu Phase Five.

He faced multiple charges of altering a civilian firearm license and being found in possession of the firearm used in the murder “without lawful authority.”

Ngura will be sentenced on Tuesday next week.

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