Seven-year-old girl receiving treatment after alleged defilement

A seven-year-old girl is receiving treatment at Marimanti sub-county hospital after he was allegedly defiled by her father before fleeing.

Speaking from the hospital where she had accompanied the girl, her mother said it was unfortunate that a father could do such a heinous act to his own child.

She said her husband came home in the evening and started quarreling over their one-month baby saying it didn't belong to him.

He poured the food that her wife had prepared before descending on her with kicks and slaps.

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"I could not stand this and I ended up fleeing into the nearby bushes.It was during my absence that he started beating the other children and defiled the girl before fleeing," she said.

It was after this that the girl's mother came and took her to hospital.

Clinical officer Bernard Mwenda who attended to the girl said examinations confirmed the girl was abused sexually.

"The girl had some tears in her private parts but we need further investigations to find out the extent of her injuries. We might be forced to refer her to Chuka referral hospital for further treatment, “he said.

The girl's mother is also worried that her husband might come back while she is in hospital and continue mistreating the other two children left behind.

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"I would prefer the children be taken to a safe place by police or even good Samaritans because he might come back and mistreat the other two,” she said.

Tharaka South police boss Walter Abondo confirmed the incident adding that a serious search for the suspect has since kicked off.

"We cannot afford relent in search of such a criminal and we will get him from wherever he is hiding, " he said.

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