Two thugs killed in botched robbery in Nairobi

Two suspected thugs were Wednesday night killed in two separate incidents in the city in the war on crime.

This increased the tally of those killed in the war on crime in the city in the past month to close to 20. Most of the deceased are young men aged between 19 and 24, police say.

The first incident happened in Kawangware area where a suspected thug was shot dead by police in a botched robbery on pedestrians.

Police say a gang had been attacking and robbing pedestrians when an alarm was raised alerting officers on patrol. The officers rushed there and managed to kill one person while three others escaped on foot.

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Dagorreti police boss Rashid Mohamed said they recovered a homemade gun from the suspect.

"They had been attacking and robbing locals when we were alerted," said Mr Mohamed.

The second suspect was killed in Embakasi area where a suspect was confronted by a mob after he was found in a house stealing.

The owner of the house had arrived home and found the suspect inside after a break in before raising alarm that alerted his neigbours who lynched the suspect. The bodies were moved to the mortuary.

Police say they have increased patrols to tame incidents of crime.

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