Laikipia chiefs collaborating with illegal herders to invade private farms to be sacked

Livestock belonging to Laikipia herders. (Photo: Courtesy)

The Government will take stern action against chiefs who have been allowing illegal herders to occupy private land.

County Commissioner Onesmus Musyoki said chiefs who collaborate with the invaders would face the full force of the law.

Speaking during a peace meeting involving different communities in Kandutura in Laikipia West yesterday, Mr Musyoki said the chiefs who do not make any report on the movement of herders from across the borders into Laikipia would be sacked.

He said some chiefs allow herders into private farms in the absence of their owners.

Had migrated

Some herders who had migrated into Laikipia County from Samburu, Baringo, and Isiolo were recently driven back.

“There is no way the Government will allow in visitors who have been causing turmoil in the county. The people have the right to carry on their duties withoutthe  disturbance of the intruders,” said Musyoki.

Speaking at the same function, the county drought management coordinator, Henry Mustafa, announced that his office had received funding from the European Union to initiate traditional peace-building mechanisms.

Mr Mustafa said four more meetings have been planned in five areas considered hotspots in the county.