Boy dances in hospital bed despite heart transplant

A teen, Amari Hall was born with a congenital heart condition and had been hospitalised on several occasions which required surgical operations.

A after a successful heart transplant, he left his family in shock as he danced in his hospital bed alongside his doctor by the bedside just six days after the transplant.

Amari on his hospital bed

He made sool moves that attracted a good number of the facility staff joining him in celebrating the joy he had for better health.

At two years, he had undergone two surgeries.

Hospital staff dances next to Amari's bed

Last year, his cardiologist said his heart was failing leaving him with the option of having a heart transplant.

Doctor took time before they got a donor heart for the 15-year-old and performed the surgery.

Amari after being discharged

Amari was discharged from the hospital on May 22 and his mother confirms the joy has not reduced as he still dances for his health today.