Two policemen still missing after Al-Shabaab gunmen attacked Hamey police post

Two police officers are feared dead after Wednesday night attack by al-Shabaab militants on Hamey police station, Garissa County.

Apart from the two officers, a police Land Cruiser, uniforms, guns and bullets stolen are missing.

The attackers stole machine guns, about 1,000 rounds of ammunition, police uniforms and a police Pick-Up truck.
Police headquarters said the post had a total of 14 officers and 12 had been accounted for.

Media outlets in Somalia said the weapons, uniforms and police car were displayed in Jilib Town in Somalia a day after the attack.

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An officer involved in the search of the missing colleagues said they had received unconfirmed reports the two are dead.

"We are informed the bodies were also displayed in Jilib but we are using elders to know more," said an officer who asked not to be named.

Four police officers who were seriously injured were airlifted to Nairobi for specialised treatment by a chopper.
Witnesses said the gunmen were heavily armed and took almost three hours to accomplish their mission before driving off.

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More officers were deployed to the area to carry out air and ground surveillance as the hunt on the gunmen went on in vain. They had crossed into Somalia.
National police spokesman George Kinoti said the attack happened at about midnight.

"Over 50 terrorists attacked the Police patrol Base in two Land Cruisers but the officers in the camp managed to repulse them amid fierce exchange of fire," he said.

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Kinoti said the attackers retreated and later returned in a bigger number in a lorry and fired three bombs into the camp destroying some tents thus forcing the officers to withdraw for cover.

"All officers have been accounted for except two. One has been airlifted to Nairobi for specialized treatment after suffering gunshots."

Three others were taken to the nearby Dadaab hospital with minor injuries.
Kinoti praised the officers for the fight they put to contain the gang.
More officers were sent to the area to pursue the gunmen but no recovery was made.

There has been a lull in the area in the past months due to various security measures. It is not the first time that such an attack happens on a police station in Kenya.

Terrorists usually cross from Somalia and attack targeted stations stealing weapons and bullets to replenish their armory for fighting in their country. There has also been few recoveries after the attacks.

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Officials said efforts to establish the whereabouts of the missing officers were ongoing through use of elders in Somalia and other ways.

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