Survey: Media the most trusted institution

The media is the most trusted institution while the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Judiciary inspire the least confidence.

An opinion poll conducted by Infotrak shows that 87 per cent of Kenyans had confidence in the media and were content with the informative, educative and watchdog role of journalists.

Civil society ranked second with 63 per cent while the Jubilee government that has lately been marred by graft, was third with 55 per cent.

“Those who have little to no trust in government at 45 per cent are lower than those who feel the same about the opposition at 52 per cent. The Opposition needs to work harder to gain public trust. Jubilee needs to consolidate and improve the base of those who trust government,” said Infotrak CEO Angela Ambitho while releasing the survey results.

Slightly more than a half of Kenyans have confidence in the county governments that have been in the office for three years now.

The survey noted that 55 per cent of Kenyans had little to no trust in Parliament. Of the 10 institutions polled, EACC was at the bottom as most respondents indicated that they did not trust the anti-graft body.