Boda boda operators impregnate five schoolgirls in Migori sugarcane plantations

Five school girls in Migori County have been impregnated by boda boda operators.

Confirming the incident, area chief John Manyala said Oroba Primary School, where the girls study, raised the issue with his office and he had taken up the matter with Got Uriri Commissioner William Onyanji.

“We summoned the boda boda operators, who had been implicated by the girls,. After interrogation, we found them liable and according to the law, necessary punishment was given to them. They have marks on their body that will forever hinder them from touching any school girls,” Mr Manyala said, hinting at the thorough beating the culprits received.

He said some culprits were taken to the Uriri Police Station, where they are still remanded, while two others escaped and are yet to be apprehended.

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According to the chief, one of the girls who lives with a guardian was impregnated by the guardian’s brother who is a boda boda rider.

The 14-year-old girl, who teared up when asked about her condition, said she was coaxed by the relative and since she is under their care, she had no choice but to follow him to the sugar plantation every afternoon.

The girls have been allowed to continue with their education.

However, the parents of the girls expressed fears after the pupils threatened to drop out of school over ridicule from fellow pupils and villagers.

One of them, who is set to sit her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education examinations this year, has already delivered while the rest, who are in Standard Seven, are due for delivery.

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According to school head Kennedy Akang’o, there have been many dropouts every year, especially of girls, because of either falling pregnant or eloping with boda boda riders.

“We are having a problem. The boda boda riders have consistently been a bother to our school. Since I came to this school in 2014, a number of girls have dropped out of school or have been impregnated by these people. Those found guilty should not be spared and ought to serve as an example to the rest. They are spoiling our girls,” said Mr Akang’o

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