Tough times in Nyeri county as revenue collections dip

The county government has recorded an 18 per cent drop in revenue collection compared to last year. This is according to the 2015/2016 half-year budget implementation report, which was tabled in the county assembly by Minority Leader Arthur Maina.

The county has collected Sh225million compared to Sh268million over the same period in 2014.

Hospital services (Sh40 million), parking fees (Sh38 million) and liquor licences (Sh29 million) were the best contributors to the county's exchequer.

The report also sates the county government has only absorbed 7.37 per cent of the development funds set aside in the 2015/2016 budget .

"Out of the Sh6.2 billion budgeted for the financial year, Sh1.99 billion was to be spent on development while Sh 4.2 million was for recurrent expenditure. However, the county spent Sh147,194,451 out of the Sh1,997,456,347 on development projects, which is only 7.37 per cent," states the report.

And out of the Sh4.2 billion set aside for recurrent expenditure, the county spent Sh1.3 billion, which is only 39.78 per cent of the amount.

Health services, Energy and Public Administration departments spent at least 40 per cent of the funds allocated to them.

Health Services and Sanitation department was allocated Sh2 billion for recurrent expenditure and Sh281 million for development.

So far, the department has spent Sh902 million on recurrent and Sh12 million on development projects, which is 40 per cent absorption of the total budget. According to the report, one of projects that needs to be implemented in this year's budget is the construction of a sanitary landfill in Kieni constituency and semi sanitary landfills in Othaya.

Doctors and nurses are also expected to benefit as the health department also plans to construct staff houses within hospitals.

The Public administration, Information and Communication department was allocated Sh416 million for recurrent expenditure and Sh43 million for development.

So far, the public administration department has spent Sh181 million on salaries and recurrent costs and Sh10 million on development projects, a 41 per cent absorption of the total cash allocated. The department's projects include establishment of the county policing authority, conducting civic education and enhancing revenue collection.

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