Kenya: Principal arrested for stripping female student naked

HOMA BAY: A Secondary School Principal who allegedly stripped naked his form one girl in Homa Bay County for wearing a mini skirt has been arrested.

Ndhiwa OCPD Nixon Makokha said they had apprehended the Principal in school and took him to Ndhiwa Police Station after he had gone underground because the police were looking for him.

"We found the Principal hiding in his school after he instructed teachers and students to conceal his whereabouts. We are going to take him to court soon where he will be charged with indecent assault," said Makokha.

The head of Wayaga Secondary, West Kabuoch location in Ndhiwa Sub County is said to have called the student from class into the office where he committed the ordeal.

Eyewitnesses said the Principal ordered the girl to remove her clothes but the minor declined.

The school head who had felt offended by the manner in which the student had disobeyed him is alleged to have taken the law into his hands and removed all the clothing which the girl wore as a punitive measure. The teacher's action left the minor with her pants only.

Efforts by the female and other teachers who were in the office to convince the principal to give the girl her clothes again proved futile as he instructed the girl to go back to class in her underwear.

He remained adamant, a situation which forced one of the female teachers to cover the minor with a table cloth as she walked out of the office.

The minor's father who reported the incident to the local security personnel said the Principal erred on grounds that he should have resorted to an alternative disciplinary action.

"My daughter was given the school uniforms by the school management headed by the Principal. It is good to punish a student but this kind of punishment is against the rule of morality," said the parent.

He urged the security organ to speed their investigations to accord her daughter justice.

"I was appalled when my daughter came back home with a table cloth instead of her uniforms yet the uniform was given to the girl by the same teacher. He should not have given her the clothe if he was dissatisfied with the clothes," he added said.

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