Lamudi launches new service for offline property-seekers

NAIROBI, KENYA: The rapid growth in the number of internet users in Kenya is transforming the country’s real estate sector. The trend has triggered changes in how property businesses operate, as well as simplifying access to real estate services.

Kenya currently has over 22 million regular Internet users, representing about half of the total population. This has increased dramatically from 10 million web users in 2011. The Communication Authority has attributed this to the uptake of mobile data services, with more and more young people using mobile devices to access social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter.

However, while the number of Internet users in the country is rising, half the population has not yet switched online. Many are still unsure how to incorporate online services in their daily lives, for activities such as buying and renting property. To ensure that all Kenyans are given the chance to find their dream property, global property platform Lamudi has introduced an initiative to allow house-hunters to ‘dial for a home’ using their phones.

Lamudi Kenya Managing Director, Dan Karua, said: “The recent growth in the real estate sector is immeasurable. It is no doubt that times have changed and we need to keep up with emerging trends in house hunting to match the changes occurring in the sector.”

“Our website caters for the trend towards online property hunting. However, there are still many house-hunters who do not have regular access to the internet and would prefer to use traditional methods of finding their dream home. This is why we have launched the Dial 4 Home (D4H) hotline.”

The D4H number, 0800 721 301, is a toll free number which house-hunters can call to inquire about properties for sale or rent. Users will be able to get over-the-phone access to property listings from over 1000 agents, developers and small agents. The service will also cater for agents who want to list their properties with Lamudi over the phone.

“This is a value added service for our clients and consumers of our service. It will improve interaction between us and them in this fast-paced digital era.” Mr. Karua added.

The phone number is open to all users looking for property, as well as those wanting to list a property or inquire about issues relating to the real estate market.

“With the continuous growth in the real estate sector, Lamudi Kenya will strive to keep you updated through the toll free number.” Mr. Karua concluded.

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