ISIS could plan attack on the West after badly wounding its leader with an airstrike

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi   [PHOTO   ;   COURTESY]
UK: ISIS terrorists may launch a brutal terror attack on the West in revenge for badly wounding its leader with an airstrike.

Islamic State terror chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is badly wounded with spinal injuries and being treated at a secret hideout by two loyal doctors, it was claimed yesterday.

And there are fears that to avenge their leader’s wounds his fighters are planning a spectacular terror attack somewhere in Europe, possibly in the United Kingdom.

The Iraqi leader of the network was hit by a US airstrike in north west Iraq two months ago and survived while three armed henchmen were killed in the blast.

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According to reports yesterday a number of sources close to the terror organisation's leader claim he is unlikely to lead ISIS ever again because of his wounds.

There are even claims that he may be fighting for his life and could therefore die from the attack, thought to have been planned by the American CIA.

A western intelligence source told the Daily Mirror: “Baghdadi is a real figurehead and this is a significant blow against ISIS.

“But he can be replaced and the group is by no means defeated - it represents a very real threat to the rest of the world and could set up an attack in Europe.

“They know that British pilots are flying air attacks and observation patrols against ISIS across Iraq so the UK is clearly at huge risk of an attack.”

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Now one of Baghdadi’s closest aides Abu Alaa al-Afri, has taken up operational control of the group which has control of large areas in Syria and across Iraq.

His car was hit by a Hellfire missile on March 18 near al-Baaj, around 80 miles west of Mosul which is now governed by his group.

A female radiologist who works at Mosul’s main hospital and a male surgeon have secretly cared for the terror leader - as have their families.

It is thought the woman health worker’s two sons work at the hospital, are armed and also care for him.

Only Baghdadi’s inner-circle know the extent of his injuries and where exactly he is being treated.

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It is also feared that ISIS are planning a terror spectacular to avenge his injuries.

ISIS has since 2013 wreaked havoc across Syria and Iraq but British, US and Jordanian air strikes have killed many of its fighters.

The group has also launched a huge recruiting campaign to replace the many fighters killed in the battle for Kobane in North Syria.

A huge security clampdown following the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris has meant hundreds of would-be jihadis have ben prevented from travelling to Syria from Europe in the hope of joining ISIS.

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