KAA tells county to relocate dump site

Kisumu, Kenya: Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) wants the county government to move the Kachok dump site to as far away as Muhoroni.

KAA acting Managing Director Yatich Kangugo said it was important that the dump site was relocated to avoid any accidents that could be caused by birds attracted to the site.

"The dump site should be far away. Even Mamboleo is too close because when preparing for landing, aircraft are usually very close to the ground and this could lead to accidents if the birds come into awkward contact with the planes. We prefer that the county government moves it to Muhoroni or Chemelil," Mr Kangugo said.

His concerns come at a time when the Kisumu airport has been given international status.

"Recently, Kisumu International Airport (KIA) was certified as an international airport. We have a certificate. Any operator around the world should know we are internationally accredited. Let us take advantage of this opportunity," he said.

Third busiest

Kangugo said KIA is currently the third busiest airport in the country after Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and Moi International Airport in Mombasa.

"The modernisation and expansion of Kisumu airport is in line with Kenya Airports Authority's strategy to develop Kisumu into an aviation hub for the Great Lakes region and to support the growing demands of its stakeholders. The expansion is one of the biggest investments in Kisumu in its recent history," said Kangugo.

He said KAA was opening up the airport to investors for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to ensure that opportunities were taken up.

"We believe KIA has created a new economy," he said.