Devastating Earthquake has kills more than 1800 people in Nepal

Rescue efforts are continuing in Nepal this morning after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake left more than 1,800 people dead in Nepal yesterday.

The huge tremor hit just before midday on Saturday, wreaking havoc through the Kathmandu Valley and the nearby city of Pokhara.

Rescuers are now battling to reach any survivors trapped under collapsed buildings and avalanches - one of which buried part of Mount Everest base camp.

The impact of the earthquake is said to have been "devastating".

Sarah Blin, Handicap International's Programme Director in Nepal, said: "Many buildings collapsed, especially outside Kathmandu. The population is in shock. The people rushed outside and moved to evacuation centres. Many will spend the next few nights outside, and are in need of camping equipment, especially the most fragile people."

"Hospitals are overwhelmed, and are short of staff and medical supplies. With roads blocked and difficult or interrupted communications, the situation is particularly problematic for remote villages."