Drama as police arrest 37 drunk teenagers in Nairobi

Thirty seven school children attending a birthday party found themselves in trouble after they decided to taste more than the birthday cake.

The primary school children aged between 12 and 15 were rounded up by police officers and locked up at Kiamumbi Police Station in Nairobi’s Kahawa West when they turned rowdy after drinking alcohol.

He said neighbours were alarmed by the the commotion in the house where the party was being hosted and called the owner of the house.

The woman rushed home only to find his son and his guests drinking and their behaviour uncontrollable.

“She later called the police who arrested the teenagers at around eight o’clock,” said Kasarani OCPD Francis Sang.

When police arrived, they found the children drunk and uncontrollable. The officers called for reinforcement and a vehicle picked them.

Police said they collected eight empty bottles of whisky and brandy from the house where the children were partying in Kahawa West estate on Tuesday night.

“They were all primary school children and we were shocked to find eight empty bottles of alcohol in the house. This raises questions on the parents’ knowledge on their children’s activities,” said Sang.

Sang, the owner of the house, had left his 15-year-old son home only to find the house full of intoxicated teenagers. The businesswoman was called by neighbours who complained about the commotion at around 7pm, he said.

Police said they have established the children bought the alcohol early from a nearby wines and spirits shop and hid it in one of the house’s rooms.

Turned unruly

Sang said an attendant at the shop was arrested and was expected in court yesterday to face charges of selling alcohol to the under-age children.

He said the children revealed the trader who had sold them the alcohol after they were interrogated by the officers.

“The teenagers also disclosed that it was the third time they were holding such a party. They also led the police to arrest the man who sold alcohol to them,” he said.

Interestingly, when parents were informed of the incident, they rushed to the police station where they allegedly turned unruly, demanding that their children be released. This prompted officers to shoot in the air to disperse them.

“The parents came accusing the police of holding their children illegally yet they knew what had happened. Parents should be strict with their children,” Sang said.

The children were finally released yesterday morning. Sang advised parents to always monitor their children. The OCPD dismissed claims the children were arrested unfairly.

The law prohibits children from consuming alcohol. Selling alcohol to children is also illegal.