Region where special rodent is a delicacy


Kilifi, Kenya: Whereas most Kenyan tribes may frown upon the habit of eating rats and mice, a special kind of rodent is considered a delicacy among the Chonyi and Giriama people of Kilifi County.

Consumption of the kadzora species of rodent may be a dying habit due to destruction of their natural habitat.

The consuming clans that live mainly in Kilifi County regard the meat of the rodents as a very delicious food and it is not unusual to encounter local people hunting for the kadzora.

Kazungu Kasena, a resident of Kilifi County, however, said hunting and consumption is declining in the region due to the rapid modernisation in Coast region.

The population

Mr Kasena further claims that due to missive clearing of bushes has affected the population of the rodents.

He said many years ago, one could go hunting for the rodents and come home with a big number because they were found in nearby bushes.

In some parts of Chonyi District, some families have been hunting the rodents for sale.

In Chonyi, area residents hunt for the rodents and roast them using special sticks commonly known as pambo before  selling them.

However, Jambo Muye said kadzora are not found all the year round.

Mr Muye said the rodents are commonly found in plenty after harvest of crops around August.

He said in August, the rodents breed in larger numbers as they easily get food in the farms.