Baby Satrin Osinya’s journey in pictures

Sunday March 23, 2014 Baby Satrin Osinya when he was received at the Coast General Hospital after the gun attack that killed his mother and five other people.

Baby Satrin carried by his brother after his wound had been dressed at the Coast General Hospital, Mombasa.

March 24 Amref Flying doctors arrive in Mombasa on a charity flight to evacuate Satrin to Nairobi.

March 24 Dr Reuben Misati examines baby Satrin Osinya held by his father, Benson, on board flight 5YFDE.

Tuesday April 1, 2014 a five-hour operation about to begin to remove a bullet lodged into Satrin’s head.

X-ray imagery that the doctors used to follow the path through which the bullet got into Satrin’s head. The doctors used the same path to remove it.

Doctors begin the process of opening Satrin’s skull.

After the operation, Dr Gichuru Mwangi, lead doctor in the operation displays the bullet that had lodged in the baby’s brain.

The bullet successfully removed, Satrin recovering under the care of specialists.