Report shows Turkana dry spell to persist


There’s no end in sight for the drought in Turkana and the larger North western region as expected long rains have been projected to be highly below average.

This is according to a seasonal report for the March-April-May Long Rains released by Kenya Meteorological Department.

The report also shows that the situation will be no better in the north eastern parts of the country.

According to the report rains in the south eastern region will be depressed only in March and May.

KMD’s acting Director James Kongoti called on the Ministry of Agriculture to come up with measures to mitigate against effects of the expected prolonged dry spell.

But the Met Department paints  a different picture about the agricultural counties of Western, Nyanza, Rift Valley and Central Highlands, where it says rainfall is expected to be near-normal.

Kongoti asked farmers from these regions to take advantage of the rains to maximise crop production.

The rains are also expected to lead to a rise in the level of water at the Seven Forks and other hydro-electric power generation dams as water towers in the regions are expected to experience enhanced rainfall.

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