Uhuru appoints educationist to head geothermal company


President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed the founder of Mount Kenya University Simon Gicharu to head the Geothermal Development Company (GDC).

Mr Gicharu will now be tasked with the responsibility of fast-tracking the development of geothermal resources in the country.

GDC is expected to drill 1400 steam wells to provide steam for the generation of some 5,000MW of geothermal power by 2030.

The search for geothermal energy started in 1957 yet it has so far only yielded 209MW against a massive potential estimated at between 7000MW to 10,000MW.

Mr Gicharu will now be tasked with the responsibility of management of geothermal reservoirs and ensure harnessing of geothermal resources is up scaled.

The creation of GDC was based on the government’s policy on energy – Sessional Paper No. 4 of 2004, and the Energy Act No.12 of 2006 – which unbundled the key players in the electricity sector to ensure efficiency.

Gicharu’s appointment comes barely months after former President Kibaki awarded him the Chief of the Burning Spear title during Jamhuri Day celebrations last year.

He was awarded this in recognition for his contribution toward the development of education in the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta geothermal company