Pupil succumbs to snakebite amid public outcries over human-wildlife conflicts

By Wilberforce Netya

POKOT, KENYA: A 13-year- old boy in Kong’elai area of West Pokot County succumbed to snakebite amid calls by locals to the government to find amicable solutions for human wildlife-conflicts. 

Muriol Ngolewo, a class six pupil at Kanyarkwat academy was bitten by a snake while herding goats and died on the way as he was being rushed to Kapenguria District Hospital Sunday. 

The deceased's father, Riwon Ngolewo said his son was herding goats at their Nawapoi village of Kanyarkwat location when he was bitten by the snake at around 2:00 pm.

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He said the snake which looked like a black mamba was killed by angry residents who have been complaining over frequent attacks by the reptiles. 

Mr. Ngolewo said it was risky to get outside at night as other dangerous wild animals roamed freely in the area.

In July this year, residents of Kong’elai killed a nine feet long python snake using poisonous arrows after suspecting it to have swallowed a goat.

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Officers from the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) who visited the scene identified that the snake had swallowed a hyena equivalent to a medium sized goat. 

Kapenguria KWS Senior Warden Tom Amulavu who confirmed the incident advised residents to be wary adding that more officers had been deployed in areas surrounding parks to curb human-wildlife conflicts.

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