IEBC officials refuse to take oath before presenting election results

By Geoffrey Mosoku

Nairobi, Kenya: Standoff arose during a meeting between Independent Elections and Boundary Commission (IEBC) officials and Parliamentary committee when the commission appeared to present election results.

The IEBC officials declined to take oath before presenting the final results of the March 4 general election.

The Justice and Legal Affairs Committee had instructed them to take oath before presenting the results on Thursday morning.

Journalists were locked out of the meeting as the officials and MPs argued over the matter.

The commissioners led by Chair Isaack Hassan requested for ten minutes to consult before returning for the meeting.

Tuesday, parliament directed that the commission presents the final results to the committee chaired by Samuel Chepkonga.

Kimini MP Chris Wamalwa, June this year, had sought answers for the delay in release of the results to the March 4 general election that saw Uhuru Kenyatta elected as the President of the Republic of Kenya.

IEBC chairman Issack Hassan told the MPs that he would be ready on Thursday (July 18) with the final results even as Dagorreti North MP Simba Arati alleged there was a division within the commission.

The session was adjourned till July 23.

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