Mutula Kilonzo (2 July 1948 – 27 April 2013) was a Kenyan politician and Senior Counsel, serving as Minister of Education after having served as the Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan and justice and constitutional affairs.

He belonged to the Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya (formerly Orange Democratic Movement-Kenya) and was elected to represent the Makueni County as Senator in the 2013 general elections.

Kilonzo was educated at Mbooni Primary School and Machakos High School before joining University of Dar es Salaam in 1969, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Law—the first in the East African region.

He was previously a Member of Parliament for Mbooni Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya. In the December 2007 parliamentary election.

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He was Minister for Nairobi Metropolitan Development until being appointed as Minister of Justice and constitutional affairs on 4 May 2009. He was the minister of education until April 2013 when the newly elected president was sworn in. He previously served as private attorney to now retired President Moi.

Mutula Kilonzo made his debut in parliament as a nominated M.P for K.A.N.U in January, 2003. He is on record for having controversially pushed for school girls not to be forced to wear "nun-like" skirts.

Kilonzo died at his rural home in Makueni County on Saturday.

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