Cuckolded man suffers mob justice in Kisii

By Kenan Miruka       

Some residents of a town in Kisii County beat up a mechanic who caught his wife in the act with a youthful tailor, leaving him critically injured.

The soft-spoken mechanic, who works at a garage in Kisii town, is currently admitted at a private hospital in the South Rift nursing lower back injuries he sustained during the incident.

The father of three had been hearing stories about his wife’s clandestine love affair with the tailor at their rented house 20 kilometres away from Kisii town.

On that fateful day, the mechanic left his house early pretending to leave for his daily duties. He, however, returned and spent time at a local tea kiosk.


A few minutes after 10am, the tailor entered the mechanic’s house armed with a quarter kilo of beef, which his ‘lover’ proceeded to cook.

The mechanic, who had been following the developments through an informer, waited until the lovebirds had eaten and entered the bedroom before approaching his house.

The visibly exasperated mechanic bought a kitchen knife at a local supermarket and hid it in his coat pocket before storming his house. To his utter disbelief, he found the duo in his matrimonial bed.

All hell broke loose as the mechanic descended on the tailor with kicks and blows before tying him up. He began cutting him up with the knife prompting the tailor to scream, attracting the attention of traders and shopkeepers in the neighbourhood.

The wife took advantage of the confusion and fled. Neighbours who arrived were shocked to see the well-known tailor drenched in blood as the mechanic continued his vicious attacks.

First aid

Residents tried to intervene to rescue the tailor from further injury but the mechanic turned against them, hurling stones and threatening to attack them with his knife.

Unfortunately, the mechanic was not widely known as the man of the house because he left early and returned late in the night. So residents got hold of him and gave him a thorough beating and rescued the tailor who was rushed to a local public hospital for first aid.

The mechanic tried to seek refuge in a neighbour’s house but he was flushed out and given a further beating before police intervened and saved him from further injury.

He was rushed to hospital for treatment before being referred to Kisii Level Five Hospital and later a private facility in Bomet County.

The incident elicited mixed reactions among residents who blamed the mechanic for his strange attitude that meant he was known to very few neighbours.


“He can only blame himself for his failure to acquaint himself with neighbours. Why did he confront the tailor without informing anyone, even a market elder? He also never explained why he was beating the tailor, prompting the reaction from the public,” explained a resident.

Since the incident, the wife has yet to return to the rented house but the mechanic is said to be  in a stable condition.