By Ezekiel Koech

Dear Athletics Kenya president.

Across the brimful valleys of life and over breasts of the earth, I seek your indulgence in the recent completed London Olympics.

Needless to say, the London Olympics is one of the successful stories, especially being held in robust City of London. Kenyan athletes did quite exceptional as expected even though the medal tally was oblique.

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I salute you AK chairman for leading the Kenyan contingent to these games without any poor preparations, thank you.

Furthermore, I would like to pay tribute to your exemplary leadership which portrayed our athletes as ethically behaved and of integrity despite the doping allegations.

An epitome of service which other leaders need to emulate.

However, I beg to disagree with you in your recent decision to hold Kenyan National Athletics Trials in Oregon, USA.

A story highlighted in Daily Nation on October 30 alleged that that you want the upcoming World Championship Trials to be held in another country.

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I find it both absurd and unreasonable that you want the 10km and 5km in both categories following your claimed, “Eugene” success.

Fast times in Olympics or other games do not matter as you purport, unlike in positioning or placing, since that is the nature of the game.

Athletes left out of Oregon Trials ran faster in Brussels Diamond League series.

It is imperative to know that in order for Kenya to remain superior in distance running, Kenyan Trials must be held in Kenya.

I acknowledge your vast experience, having worked at the organisation since 1979, but to outsource Kenyan Trials to other countries for personal gains is erroneous and with no rationalination at this time.

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I invoke your ignoble decision as noted in The Standard early this year in protest of your malady; it’s driving us crazy and offends the usual athletes’ equanimity.

I know for a fact that no new athlete or the so called new-kid-on-block will ever square with the giants in your already misbegotten planned Project Oregon. Yes, Nike will pay for athletes already on world stage, but not the unknown athletes for reasons best known to us or their uncertainties.

AK Chairman, I don’t want to be a litigant of athletes but can you satisfactorily convince us about the lucrativeness of your suggestion.

Fill the gaps in the minds of athletes and Kenyans. How will it profit them to hold the trials in Oregon? What will happen to the next generation of athletes who aspire to manifest themselves and stamp their ‘birth’ to world distance running?

What will happen to marathoners and road racers who use these events to gauge their fitness? What will happen to the children who may consider a sport to stay healthy?

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What will happen to the fans who bring joy to these events? What will happen to the hawkers who depend on these gigantic crowds? What will happen to the hotels’ bookings, the local sponsors, etc.?

What happens to the workers and maintenance of these stadia? Indeed, what happens in your non-inductive decisions?

Do you realize the intensity of the damage you are causing among the best runners in the world?

For Kenya to remain as an athletic powerhouse, Kenyan Trials should be held in Kenya.

In the future, kindly consult the athletes, the fans and other key players before pronouncing outsourced trials. This is very important of an intellectual of your caliber!

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