Michael Joseph was spot on over our ‘peculiar habits’

During his time at Safaricom House, the chief executive said something that didn’t go down well with many Kenyans. As a result, he was reprimanded,  cursed and some, like yours truly, even threatened to boycott the ‘Better Option’.

But, in retrospect, I think we owe MJ an apology. For we are a very peculiar lot indeed. Then, the CEO never understood why the network got congested every Friday evening. Why did all Kenyans decide to call at a go? He concluded that Kenyans have ‘peculiar calling habits’.

We have many peculiar habits. For instance why did politicians wait for the deadline to announce their alliances in a rush while they had months to do so?

Before you say those are ‘politicians not us’, visit the voter registration centre next to you and check how many voters are waiting to register. If you are lucky, you will find one or two. But visit the same centre on December 18, the deadline, and the queue will be staggering from Nairobi to Meru. You’ll also hear some Kenyans saying: Serikali itusadie tusajiliwe. Stupid? No, just being honest Kenyans.

Visiting reserve no walk in park

It has become an expensive affair to access the spectacular Nakuru National Park of late, according to Mr Samuel Irigacuhi who likes seeing wildlife often.

Locals and foreigners alike are finding it difficult to visit the park due to the high fees demanded by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

“Charges are  luxuriously expensive than ever before, pegged beyond the reach of many and making entry to our own resourceful adventures an exclusive haven for the rich, notes Irigacuhi.

The park, he says, charges locals and East African region residents Sh1,000 while visitors from outside the region have to cough a whopping Sh7,000 to gain entry into the park.

“A recent visit to the park revealed only a few people afford to access the park, while majority, mostly new visitors, just leave at the mention of these exorbitant fees,” claims Irigacuhi.

He says the situation was different in the past when game lovers and watchers, both young and old, would stream into the beautiful park in droves.

Isn’t KWS feeling the pinch, director, William Kibet Kiprono?

Listing yet to start in ‘remote’ village  

Titus Kiptoo excused himself from work and travelled to his ‘remote’ village in Baringo North Constituency  to exercise his democratic right by registering as a voter.

Unfortunately, he was unable to and to date hasn’t been able to register as the biometric voter registration (BVR) kit serving Katibel sublocation, which comprises of five polling stations broke down on November 24.

It was taken to Nakuru for repair but to date has not been returned

 He is worried that voters in the area (Barwesa Ward-Code 0788) might not be able to register due to the hitch.

“Is there a conspiracy to deny the citizens of Katibel Sublocation the chance to register as voters,” he asks (Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) IEBC chairman, Ahmed Issack Hassan and election co-ordinator, Baringo North.

If not, he would like to know whether area residents will be given more time to  compensate for the time lost.

Does IEBC have enough technicians to ensure the kits are in good health, Mr Hassan? The complainant can be reached at [email protected].


Are Olkejuado County roads now passable?

Some residents of Ongata Rongai wrote to PointBlank on March 26, claiming that Olkejuado County Council was in deep slumber and had neglected the area. For almost one year now, they said, motorists have had difficulty driving on the busy Magadi Road due to huge potholes, especially the section around Ongata Rongai town.

 The residents also alleged that in its slumber, the council had forgotten to construct culverts at the junctions of Magadi-Sololo and Magadi-Mage roads in Laiser Hill that they said serve schools, churches and a growing population.

The residents also asked the council to do something about traffic jams in the town, especially in the mornings, evenings and weekends. Did the council wake up from the purported deep slumber?

Man who sells cash to get cash

Mr Githuku Mungai would like to make a quick buck and wants to advertise his merchandise through PointBlank. He has in his possession over 300 copper coins “with both Moi and Old Jomo on the face”.

Among these are some two tiny ‘Moi’ 10 cents which were issued in 1995.

“I am wondering whether these coins can fetch me something. I know the face value of the coins is low but a collector can pay much more,” says the budding businessman. Anyone who would like to acquire these rare, vintage coins?

 Mungai can be reached at [email protected].

Right of Reply

Water bill for NCWSC’s most thirsty domestic user climbs to Sh733,322

I complained on this forum on October 25 that the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company has been sending me some outrageous bills.

I am a domestic water consumer (A/C 1291320) and live alone in a house. Sadly, since October last year, the water firm has been sending me huge bills. The bills rose from around Sh1,000 in August, 2011 to a staggering Sh586,632.66 in September the same year. By the time I complained in October the bill stood at Sh732,865.84.

I expected that my complaint would make the company to investigate and rectify the problem, but unfortunately this has not happened to date. I have just received my November bill and incredibly the figure has gone up. The company now wants me to pay Sh733,322.46!

I am sure that something is amiss as one person cannot consume such an amount of water. Every time I enquire from their offices, I’m usually informed that they are looking into the matter. Will this problem ever be resolved? Can the CEO intervene and help end my woes?

Jairus Njukia Kuria


Mad with Airtel over Sh1  

It is said that lightning never strikes the same place twice. That’s not true. Even after airing my disappointment and agony last week that Airtel was deducting Sh1 from my credit daily, this is still continuing.

As if that is not bad enough, they have not communicated to me nor refunded the money deducted from my credit. I am now contemplating boycotting buying top-up cards if my plea goes on unheeded.

Joseph Muthama,


Point of Order

Young mother detained in hospital for lack of money   

A 19-year-old woman is detained at Mbale County Hospital for non-payment of Sh13, 000, according to Mr Alex Ekova.

 The woman underwent a successful caesarian operation at the hospital three weeks ago but could not raise the money.

The woman’s mother, Mrs Emily Anabwani, is worried that the bill might climb to Sh15, 000 by this weekend.

The father of the baby is said to have fled to Mombasa, says Ekova. Mrs Anabwani, who spent the family’s fortune on her husband’s funeral in August, is appealing to well-wishers to come to her aid. Her contact is  0713456729.