MP: Raila wrong to blame Kibaki

By Standard Reporter

United Democratic Forum party leader wants Prime Minister Raila Odinga to quit Government or stop blaming President Kibaki for failures of the Grand Coalition.

A senior UDF political council member and nominated MP George Nyamweya said Raila is a co-principal with the President in the coalition and as such should bear equal responsibility for both achievements and failures of the government.

Mr Nyamweya said as chairman of key Cabinet policymaking committees and co-ordinator of government ministries, it was dishonest for the PM to claim he was not to blame for what he had failed to deliver and instead heap all blame on President Kibaki.

“The PM appointed ministers to the coalition government besides being a co-principal. To disown Kibaki now and fail to resign is the height of dishonesty. He should resign together with his ODM ministers to fault President Kibaki and the Grand Coalition from the streets,” he said.

Nyamweya was reacting to the PM’s assertion during a tour of Samburu County that he had failed to deliver on many promises he made to pastoralists as a presidential candidate in 2007 because of the coalition government where he had little say and control.

Job creation

The PM has repeatedly pleaded with his supporters for a second chance, arguing ODM was not to blame for unfulfilled promises but the unity government.

“What Kenyans want to see is programmes and policies parties have to provide food and quality nutrition for Kenyan families, quality education to their children, job creation for unemployed school leavers, and escalation of economic growth to ensure sustained economic growth and prosperity. Voters want to see manifestoes and the agenda the PM has for Kenya, not rhetoric,” he said.

Two-horse race

“ODM’s rhetoric about being pro-reform is diversionary tactic to evade accountability. The urgent agenda for the next government is rapid economic development to create jobs for the swelling ranks of unemployed youth to forestall social instability,” he said.

Nyamweya, a key ally of UDF’s presidential candidate Musalia Mudavadi also faulted Raila’s repeated assertions  about next year’s elections was  a two-horse race between himself and DPM Uhuru Kenyatta. Nyamweya described this as a move aimed at spreading panic and despondency in regions the PM was unpopular.

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