MP accuses constituents of hiding militants

By Cyrus Ombati and Boniface Ongeri

Dujis MP Aden Duale accused his constituents of harbouring and aiding suspected Al Shabaab militants.

Dualle said the constituents know where the militants were hiding, but were not co-operating with security officials to flush them out.

“They know each other very well and whenever an attack occurs they know who is behind it, but they are reluctant to identify the criminals because they are related by clan,” he said.

Speaking during a security meeting in Garissa town, Duale told the security officials not to be deceived by the residents that they do not know who has been carrying out the series of landmine and grenade attacks in the town.

The meeting had been called in response to the killing of two police officers and a grenade and gun attack on Iftin Police Post on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the Kenya Defence Forces plan to begin clearing buildings initially used by Al Shabaab in Kismayu.

“It should be appreciated that security is not fully stabilised as it is suspected that there are Al Shabaab remnants, who could be hiding within the local populace, however, so far no major incidents have been reported,” said KDF.

KDF spokesman Col Cyrus Oguna said African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) forces under sector two have embarked on a confidence building among the locals by providing a secure environment for the locals to curve a leadership structure that will support the troops’ efforts to ensure the peace process is sustainable in the long term.

He said they had taken full control of vital installations in Kismayu – including the former State House and two airports.

KDF said it was also now in charge of the police station and a port city factory known as Walsheda.

The KDF announced yesterday that movement in and out of the town was being monitored at control points erected outside the town.