Hellon: I am not gay

Hellon performing at Crazy Monday night [Photo: Standard]

By Jelimo Chelagat

Pastor and jazz musician Joseph Hellon has refuted claims spread by sections of the media that he is gay and a wife batterer.

The reports surfaced following a letter, allegedly written by Esther Arunga, stating that the maestro is a homosexual whose partner is a former Starehe boys centre student.

“How many distinguished members are of the know that Hellon is a serious gay? His partner is a former Starehe Boys Centre student. Do you notice he "fries" his hair and femininely does his nails as he plays the feminine part?” read the missive.

In an exclusive interview with The Standard, the maestro rubbished the claims saying they were baseless.

“Am I gay? No. A gay person who beats up his wife cannot be cleared by the top security mechanisms of this country as I have been,” said Hellon.

Adding that these were just malicious rumors meant to tear him down, Hellon stated that investigations by the CID and Flying squad had found him innocent.

Timberlake's fault

Explaining that it is Timberlake, not Arunga, behind the allegations, the pastor revealed that Esther is not allowed to speak on the phone or get on the Internet without her husband’s supervision.

“She is not allowed to speak on the phone without him dictating to her what to say. She is not even allowed to operate a computer,” said Hellon.

Speaking at the KTN studios after a live performance with the band, the controversial pastor said that he is unaffected by the rumors spread by Esther Arunga and her husband Quincy Timberlake.

 “My business is doing extremely well, and my family is happy. If you would like, you can speak to my wife and friends to confirm. I have nothing to hide,” said Hellon.

Concerning claims made by Arunga about her residence in Australia, Hellon categorically stated that the couple resides in Kayole.

“She lives in Kayole, and that is a fact…they have been moving from one house to another because they can not pay rent. I have people to corroborate the story,” he asserted.

The Finger of God pastor added that through using international phone lines and fake blogs, Quincy has been duping people into believing he is out of the country.

Better than ever

In a statement directed to his fans, Hellon asserted that he is back and better than ever.

In a joint effort with male model Okellow Odadah, the maestro has launched an event dubbed ‘Jazz n Clad’. The recurrent event is aimed at introducing and celebrating classy dressing, etiquette and Jazz in Kenya.

Announcing his new line of clothing made by Renzo Rinaldi, Hellon told Kenyans he is back with a bang.

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