Miguna: Raila allies threatening me

By Digital Reporter

Miguna Miguna has yet again made sensational claims saying his life is in danger.

Miguna sent statement to the media claiming allies of his former master, Prime Minister Raila Odinga were threatening him.

“From the organizing hungry and dirty goons from Kibera to picket at my book launch to sending pathetic and unethical hounds like Otieno Kajwang and Jakoyo Midiwo to threaten me is a clear proof that Raila is a desperate Kanu orphan; not a reformer!”

Miguna added: “ I am fortified and remain solid granite…as I have said before let them bring it on!”

Miguna alleged that Raila was keen on persecuting the truth. “ I am not scared or moved. Friends of Raila and the PM are clueless. So now they are trembling and worried about those privy to criminal wrongdoing in Raila’s court and would prefer to see witnesses or potential witnesses persecuted,” said the statement sent to the media.

Miguna has been in the news in the past week after he launched a controversial book Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for justice, in which he made allegations that Raila’s office was swamped with graft.

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The PM has chosen to remain silent over the allegations even as a section of political rivals used the book contents as fodder to attack his personality.

Miguna declined to say whether he has recorded a police statement over the threats.

Earlier, a group lobbying for a Raila  presidency issued a statement rebutting the claims in the book.

Fora said : “Miguna’s comic relief Book titled “Peeling back the Mask…” is an ill-concocted revenge dossier full of exaggerations, distortions and misinformation pegged either on real events, rumours or  imaginations at the material period of focus,” in a statement sent by Eliud Owalo.

Here is the full statement of Friends of Raila:


Honestly, Miguna’s comic relief Book titled “Peeling back the Mask…” is an ill-concocted revenge dossier full of exaggerations, distortions and misinformation pegged either on real events, rumours or  imaginations at the material period of focus. There is no doubt that the Book adds no intellectual value  to the field of political literature or governance, but is instead intended for settling old scores with erstwhile colleagues in the most damaging way  while portraying the author as a crusader of best democratic practices. Undeniably, it falls below the bar of objective intellect, for it is not only subjective but is also bereft of any rigorous and objective analysis of events and issues of the period in focus. For further elaboration, just consider the following:-

First, the Book’s title is cleverly crafted to give the reader the impression that what the Book contains is top secret hardly hitherto known to the Kenyan public. It is all lies, the truth is, the Book specifically focuses either on known events or street rumours upon which the author based his distorted, imagined and exaggerated narratives with a view to portraying his intended nemesis negatively while depicting other characters favorably contrary to what the public already knows about the events which occurred in the country.

Second, the author’s cover photo presenting him indulging in the “last laugh” reveals the real intention of the Book, which is nothing but bitter revenge at erstwhile colleagues.

Third, it is easily discernable from the author’s narrative that, the key targets for his exaggerated and damaging accounts, who happens to be his erstwhile boss and colleagues, are invariably portrayed in a negative way in all the acts. Surely, if his boss was all that lackluster as he claims, Miguna as a self-claimed paragon of democratic virtue should have deserted him much earlier, which he never did.

Fourth, the author has plunged himself into a dangerous minefield where he is acting the judge and the prosecutor in the absence of any convincing evidence and also in matters where his personal interest/ performance would be put under scrutiny. The stream of denials, dismissals and condemnations his narratives have invited from diverse characters mentioned adversely in the Book is instructive in this regard. This casts serious doubts on the forthrightness and expressed intentions of Miguna, the author. Any layleader would easily wonder why Miguna has unwittingly invited a pack of defamation suits against himself. It should be recalled that he had cleverly but unsuccessfully attempted to invite the Chief Justice to preside over the launch of his Book. Possibly, he belatedly got worried about the potential civil suits awaiting him.

 Fifth, Miguna sounds simplistic in his narratives by failing to appreciate the state intrigues complexities that characterized politics in Kenya in the period leading to the 2007 disputed polls, which complexities had a bearing on what happened in 2007.

 Sixth, whereas a Presidential re-run was actually the logical and legitimate demand of ODM, as the warring factions entered into negotiation, Miguna however sounds rather naïve by blaming his erstwhile boss for having entertained external proposals for a power sharing deal. He is naïve because the political temperature and environment in the country, following the disputed presidential polls, simply could not have allowed a re-run poll. One may be forgiven to ask whether Miguna was really in Kenya at the material time. The truth is, a Presidential re-run could have possibly aggravated the situation. For instance, who was going to preside over such a re-run? Was it going to be Kivuitu’s ECK or what? Who was going to provide security given that the disciplined forces were already siding with the PNU? And would the vote counting and announcement of results be any different, considering those who were in-charge?

Hon. Raila Odinga did not negotiate a power sharing deal that gave birth to the grand coalition government out of weakness but out of his overwhelming desire to save Kenya from the precipice and stop the post election violence. He was aware of the hard line positions that Migunas' ilk who cared nothing about peace and the sanctity of human lives advocated at the expense of the displaced, maimed, dead and dieing. He was also aware of their raw lust for power that superseded any other reasonable considerations. We hate to imagine what would have happened to our beloved motherland if the hard liners had their way as advocated by Miguna.

Clearly, Miguna lacks objective analysis and assessment of both the subjective and objective situation on the ground at the material time.

Seventh, it is now a confirmed fact that Miguna’s Book is in fact a PNU/G7 project against Raila. This has been amply evidenced by the positive responses from the PNU/G7 camp to the Book in contrast to the reaction the same camp accorded John Gitongo’s Book, “Our Turn to Eat”, which contained substantive accounts on a wide range of scandals including the Anglo leasing scandaL.

Last but not least, Miguna’s Book is outrightly biased gained Hon. Raila Odinga who actually saved the country from descending into a civil war  or total collapse, by accepting the power sharing deal. Having accompanied Hon. Raila to Ivory Coast where the PM went as the AU special envoy during the disputed presidential polls there, and witnessed the situation in that country, Miguna should have done a better analysis of the political situation obtaining in Kenya in 2008 and thereby appreciated the pragmatic decisions made by his erstwhile boss in accepting the power sharing deal.

FOR A’s considered opinion is therefore as follows:

1.     That  the Miguna Book is a PNU/G7 instigated project against Raila;

2.     That the way PNU operatives have jumped into it confirms the Miguna Book is their project;

3.     One wonders why PNU in general,and Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka in particular, never commented on John Githongo’s Book “ Our Turn to Eat” which mentioned State House very Negatively?;

4.     Why has Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka never demanded resignations over the Goldenberg Scandal which occurred during his KANU hey days?;

5.     What is the PNU/Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka’s stand on the Anglo-leasing Scandal?

6.     Why is PNU demanding action from Hon. Raila over mere allegations while they work with and protect aspirants who are charged with crimes against humanity; including mass murder and rape?

In conclusion, Miguna’s book is not only an exaggerated and distorted dossier aimed at settling old scores with erstwhile colleagues as he seeks acceptance in the rival camps but its timing is also  intended to divert attention from the IC and County Commissioners Saga.

We would like to urge the Prime Minister not to validate or legitimize Miguna’s book with any form of response. Let Kenyans read the book and judge the Prime Minister’s record on its own merit. History will take stock of Miguna’s attempts to distort and defile history for financial gain, satisfy his psychotic ego and advance the cause of his sponsor’s projects. 
Let Miguna and his sponsors remember that the same Hon. Raila Odinga that he maligns today, together with other gallant sons of Kenya, have fought hard and suffered immensely to allow Miguna and other Kenyans the freedom of free speech that he now enjoys and even abuses.

Our view therefore is that Kenyan’s should treat Miguna’s Book with the contempt it deserves.

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