Kidnapped DO appeals for State help

By Lucianne Limo

The Al Shabaab terror group has released the latest video of a tearful District Officer whom they abducted in January in Wajir District, appealing for his release.

Seated in a chair, Yesse Mule sent a plea to President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to come to his aid and secure his release.

“My release depends on the actions of Kenyan people and Government. I appeal to Kibaki and Prime Minister to assist so that I can come home,” Mr Mule said.

“I am 30 years old and recently married. I don’t have a child and I was hoping to have a great future but under these circumstances, that future seems dim,” he added.

In the 15-minute video, Mule urged the Kenyan government to call off its military operation in Somalia to enable his release and that of Fredrick Irungu, a clerk at the Ministry of Immigration, who was captured when Al Shabaab militants raided a police post in Wajir on January 11.

prisoner of war

“I am urging the Government and Kenya Defence Forces, please move out of Somalia. Somalia is not our country. We should instead cultivate good neighbourliness,” Mule said.

In the video released through its media wing Al Kataib, the militia warned that they will kill the two Kenyans if the Government does not pull its troops out of Somalia.

“The life of Mule depends on you Kenyans. It is up to you to heed his advice or send him to the guillotine. The choice is yours and remember, Mule is not the only Kenyan PoW (prisoner of war),” they said.