Update: Tanzania's Precision Air plane crashes into Lake Victoria

Precision Air plane has crashed into Lake Victoria. [Source: Independent]

Some 26 people have been rescued after a Precision Air plane crashed into Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

Reports made by the state-owned Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) says that the aircraft crashed while attempting to land at an airport in Bukoba.

In a video clip making rounds on Social Media, Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila reveals that the plane had 43 people on board.

Of the 43, 39 were passengers, two flight attendants, and two pilots.

He has also told the media that by around 2 pm, the rescue team had managed to save 26 people who have been rushed to Kagera Provincial Hospital for treatment.

“We shall update you [media and public] on the developments as they come. Rescue operations are still underway and we are lucky communication in the plane is still active,” he said.

Precision Air is partly owned by Kenya Airways [41 percent] and was founded in 1993.

The airline runs domestic and regional flights and charters.

According to TBC, 15 people had been rescued before noon, and the authorities were yet to establish the number of fatalities if any.

The plane had departed from Dar es Salaam and "fell into Lake Victoria this morning due to storm and heavy rains," TBC reported.

Bukoba Airport is on the shores of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake.

Rescue boats have been deployed and emergency workers are carrying out rescue operations, TBC added.

Precision Air is Tanzania's largest privately-owned airline.

The Precision Air plane has released a statement of what transpired and promised to give more updates after two hours.

“Precision flight no PW 494, flying from Dar es Salaam to Bukoba has been involved in an accident as it was approaching Bukoba Airport. The rescue Team has been dispatched to the scene and more information will be released in 2 hours’ time,” the statement reads in part.