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Why Ole Lenku deserves the Ministry of Internal Security appointment

By Gachuhi wa Waringa | Published Mon, June 3rd 2013 at 00:00, Updated June 3rd 2013 at 10:15 GMT +3

By Gachuhi wa Waringa  

After Joseph ole Lenku’s  appointment by President Uhuru into the  Internal Security  Ministry, there were murmurs of disaffection by various quarters questioning Joseph Lenku’s ethnic background, home district, level of education, career and so on.

It is disheartening that at this time and age, we have Kenyans who dare question another citizen’s right to appointment to any public office. In my view, ole Lenku’s appointment was a victory for all Kenyans of goodwill because he is a Kenyan who is not from any of the l prominent families or dynasties who has overcome challenges faced by marginalized communities. 

He represents the aspirations of many young educated Kenyans who dream of not holding big public offices but of serving their motherland.

Many have questioned how a hotelier can be in charge of the “sensitive” security docket and I think such thinking is laden in ignorance because in the past a mathematician, a lawyer and public administrators have held the same docket. Moreover, none were as pre-disposed to succeed as a hotelier, because past holders of the position were drawn from professions that don’t put the customer and service at the forefront.

It is only hoteliers who must work with the nimbleness of an orchestra conductor and dexterity of a gymnast to ensure that all departments in a hotel are working in tandem.  Likewise, the internal security organs and county administration must work in tandem to ensure that their customer (who is the mwananchi) is secure to go about his daily business with ease.

His track record proves that he is a man of action. Ole Lenku has worked in the Serena stable; arguably Kenya’s best hotel chains, he was deeply involved in the revival of Utalii Hotel to its past glory during Balala’s tenure at the tourism docket..

Those who have worked with him acknowledge that the Bachelor of Commerce-Marketing graduate and Strategic Management MBA holder is a people-person; comfortable in facing challenges head-on and very comfortable working and motivating all cadres of his team.

I hope the leaders from Narok who were opposed to his appointment will understand that as a country we cannot sustain the appointment of a minister from each and every one of our 47 counties or 44 ethnic communities.

We must all be ready to accept the paradigm shift introduced by the nation’s leadership of appointing to the executive brilliant managers who may not carry tribal kingpin badges, but are known for having excelled as managers in their respective professions and stations. We need to accept this new change and support the executive.

 Gachuhi wa Waringa is a resident of Nairobi