19 Boeing crashes that have happened in the last 15 years

Boeing has had at least 19 accidents in the last 15 years. [Courtesy, Al-Jazeera]

A China Eastern Airlines aircraft that crashed on Monday, March 21, 2022, in southern China added to the list of Boeing planes that have, in the recent past, been involved in accidents.

The aircraft (Boeing 737-800), had 123 passengers and nine crew members on board and was due to land in Guangzhou on the east coast.

The aircraft, however, was a different version from Boeing's 737 Max, which has been on the spot for safety concerns.

In a statement, Boeing said: "Our thoughts are with the passengers and crew of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU 5735. We are working with our airline customers and are ready to support them.

"Boeing is in contact with the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and our technical experts are prepared to assist with the investigation led by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.”

Priding itself as the world's largest aerospace company, Boeing has been on the spot after several of its planes were involved in accidents over the recent years.

Below is a compilation of Boeing crashes between 2007 and 2022.

March 21, 2022:

China Eastern Airlines Plane, Boeing 737-800, carrying 132 passengers crashes in southern China.

January 8, 2020:

Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 crashes shortly after taking off from the Iranian capital, Tehran.

-All 176 passengers and crew members onboard killed.

-Incident happened amid escalating tensions between the US and Iran.

-The Iranian Government admitted it downed the plane "unintentionally".

March 10, 2019:

Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing 737, carrying 149 passengers and eight crew members crashes six minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport. All onboard died.

October 29, 2018:

Lion Air Boeing 737, an Indonesian airliner, crashed into Java Sea with 189 people on board. The plane went down after taking off. Flight JT 610 was headed for the western city of Pangkal Pinang. All onboard died.

May 18, 2018:

A Boeing 737 passenger plane crashes shortly after take-off from Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Cuba, killing 112 people. One passenger survived.

January 16, 2017:

A Turkish  Boeing 747 cargo plane goes down several kilometres from Manas International Airport. At least 32 confirmed dead.

March 19, 2016:

A Fly Dubai Boeing 737-800 crashes in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, killing all 62 people on board.

March 8, 2014:

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappears while airborne. The Boeing 777 departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and was due to arrive in Beijing.

- Malaysia Airlines said the plane lost contact less than an hour after take-off.

-No distress signal or message was sent.

-The plane had 239 people on board.

July 17, 2014

Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashes near Grabove in eastern Ukraine.

-All 298 people onboard killed. Pro-Russian rebels were widely accused of shooting the plane down using a surface-to-air missile. They denied responsibility.

November 17, 2013:

Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 crashes on landing in Kazan, Russia, killing all 50 people on board.

June 3, 2012:

A Dana Air passenger plane with about 150 people on board crashed in a densely populated area of Nigeria's largest city, Lagos. The plane was a Boeing MD-83.

April 20, 2012:

A Bhoja Air Boeing 737 crashes on its approach to the main airport in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, killing all 127 onboard (121 passengers and six crew members).

July 8, 2011:

Hewa Bora Airways plane Boeing 727 crash-lands in bad weather in the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing 74 of out the 118 people on board.

January 9, 2011:

An IranAir Boeing 727 breaks into pieces near the city of Orumiyeh, killing 77 of the 100 people on board. The pilots had reported a technical failure before trying to land.

May 22, 2010:

An Air India Express Boeing 737 overshot a hilltop airport in Mangalore, southern India, and crashed into a valley, bursting into flames, killing 158 people on board.

January 25, 2010:

Ethiopian Airlines’ passenger jet crashes into the sea with 89 people on board shortly after take-off from Beirut, Lebanon.

September 4, 2008:

Russian Aeroflot Boeing 737-500 crashes on landing near the central city of Perm, Russia, killing all 88 passengers and crew members on board.

August 24, 2008:

Passenger plane Boeing 737 crashes shortly after take-off from Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek, killing 68 people.

May 5, 2007:

Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 airliner Flight 50 from Abidjan to Nairobi, plunged into a mangrove swamp on a stormy night in Douala, Cameroon, minutes after take-off, killing all 114 people on board. 

January 1, 2007:

An Adam Air Boeing 737-400 carrying 102 passengers and crew comes down in mountains on Sulawesi Island on a domestic Indonesian flight. All onboard died.

Source: BBC