The five common characters in campus

What is life without some characters in campus? There are all ilks of demeanors in campus, literally all.

This is that peculiar phase where you debate whether to focus on structuring your life or dismantling the walls of your dreams.

Here are the top five common characters that you will never miss in any campus:


These are those who yearn for Friday. They are the optimists who see the weekend being so close to Monday and Monday a million miles away from the weekend.

Any Friday in any campus is a 'dundaing' day. Whether it's raining spikes , or sun-shining fire, the club must recognise this crew.

The club on Fridays, throw an overnight bash that flips from Saturday to Sunday then miss Monday morning classes. What a life!


Unlike the nightlife wizards, these ones are never patient for the weekend. They will get a hideout in the school compound then partake their business at any time.

They are the notorious class skivers. They will skive classes the whole semester but still scoop good grades; whatever they use must be having some extra intellect spices in it! 


These ones came to flex their opulence. They won't disturb your peace directly, but believe me you, you will get dog-tired of the braggadocio in them.

They will cruise to school in their folks' cars and make sure you have noticed them stepping down in their newest pair of Balenciaga, offwhite denim matched with an equivalent offwhite sweatpant.

Wait, of course you can't ignore the phony halfly-brown-dyed dreadlocks on their head!


This is just a polite way of referring to "fuckboys." There is a category that came to school to shag when the rest of us came to only hug.

Pray to God you don't get this ilk as your roommate, 'cause the number of exiles that you will get will even exceed the number of classes you have attended in a semester. 


This is the ilk that must have taken heed to the deep advice from their folks. The focused gang.

They will attend all the lectures, visit the library and even vie for school government seats.

They will accept exiles, refuse 'the nightlife' and friendzone all their female/male friends.

They are role models. We all aspire to be like them, but the way satan is winking at us...

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