Why it is an extremely bad idea to date younger men in Kenya

While dating younger men looks like pomp and colour, women have to consider a few facts before letting the stamina and fresh looks get into their heads.

While this young blood will dedicate their time to the relationship and give it their all, which we know is limited to physical and sexual boundaries; they still have a trail of cons with them.

Lack of commitment

This young man still prefers to hang out with boys his ages, hit clubs and spend hours discussing whom amongst them has the hottest girl. This means he will have a hard time trying to have serious relationship talks. He might be willing to see things work but he may not have an idea of what to do to make it. If a time comes for the woman to want to settle, her man may end up cowering away from it, and call it quits. This is because he might not understand the urgency of biology and its mean clock 


Most times when a fairly successful woman hooks up with this energy pack, he is most likely to be new in his career or a just beginner in the financial ladder. This results in the man looking upon his lady for all his financial affairs. This mostly leads to his woman turning into a mama figure to him, making sure he feeds, he dresses and most likely, he has a comfortable roof over his young head. Although it doesn’t bother some people, to others this is a deal breaker and soon sends the relationship crumbling.


Although this young good looking soul will provide a shoulder to lean on, he might not have much to offer when it comes to giving advice on challenges. He is young, he hasn’t had the experience that this woman has, in most cases all around. The best he can offer in crisis is a listening ear and cuddles, definitely not a way forward.

Social status

While it might be comfortable for a woman to date a younger man, questions may arise from friends, workmates, and family. It doesn’t matter how much the two are into each other, it becomes uncomfortable for her if they attend social gatherings and he has to explain that the man in tight jeans who is still looking for a job is not her son or younger brother. Unless if he is willing to be ‘hidden’ the relationship dwindles with time.

Different life goals

Everyone has a certain age where they decide to settle down and engage in activities that will only bring long-lasting positivity in their lives. Although having a young man by one's side can do her a lot of good, their agendas might differ causing major rifts between them. She may want to buy land so they may build a family house while he demands they buy the latest car in the market. Such differences are bound to happen because of the age difference and priorities.

It is evident that today’s woman has her situation cut from a different cloth altogether. Her career, her environment, and needs are evidently different from that of those before her.

She is ready to protest against the domineering man of the yesterdays whom like Author Susan Winter once said, are used to being in control of a woman, and that doesn’t sit well with modern women