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The legendary story behind 'Kit Mikayi'
By David Rakewa | Updated Feb 12, 2018 at 14:13 EAT
The famous stone 'Kit Mikayi'
  • meaning 'The Stone of the First Wife' in the Luo dialect
  • Locals of Seme village consider the stone a sacred place to hold prayers

'Kit Mikayi' as it is called is an unusual stone formation in Kisumu County. The name is a Luo dialect meaning 'The Stone of the First Wife'. It is located along Kisumu- Bindo highway roughly 30km from Kisumu CBD. 

Long ago, there was an old man called Ngeso who was in love with the stone. He could wake up early in the morning and walk into the cave that was made by the stone. 

He stayed there for long and this forced his wife to bring him breakfast and lunch each and every single day he went there. 

Ngeso could go to the cave every day and when his fellow elders come seeking for him at his home, the wife could tell them he has gone to visit his first wife 'Mikayi' hence the name 'Kit Mikayi'. This meant that the stone was Ngeso's first wife. 

The structure in which the stone is arranged reflects the cultural polygamous nature of the Luo community. 'Mikayi' the first wife's house is in the middle and the largest, on its left-hand side lies the third wife's house 'Reru'. On the right-hand side of the homestead lies the second wife's 'Nyachira' house. 

The stone also reflects a nuclear family evident in the Luo community whereby the father who is Ngeso being the middle stone followed by first wife (Mikayi), then the second wife (Nyachira) and then third wife (Reru). At the furthest end lies the first son, who represents 'Simba' the house of the firstborn boy in the homestead. 

The locals of Seme village in Kisumu county where 'Kit Mikayi' is located consider the stone a sacred place to hold prayers whenever the village is troubled. 

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