All fingers point to NTSA after another grisly road crash claims 19 lives in Bungoma

Over thirteen people lost their lives in a multiple vehicle accident that involved a Public Service Vehicle, a lorry, a tractor and several private cars.

The accident occurred on Monday 11 December along Kitale- Webuye highway when the PSV rammed into the tractor transporting dragging in the other vehicles.

The speeding Sabatia Sacco PSV rammed into the West Kenya Sugar Company owned tractor was transporting sugarcane ar around 8 pm at Kamukuywa Bridge.

Following repeated accidents at the spot, Kamukuywa bridge is listed as a black spot.

Bungoma North OCPD Eliud Okello confirmed the sad incident saying more deaths occurred since drivers of the private cars did not know they were driving into an accident.

“The accident has made more people lose their lives, it seems that there was no erected sign to show there was an accident ahead”, he said.

Thirteen of the PSV passengers died on the spot while one was seriously injured. The bodies were moved to different mortuaries in the area by police officers who got to the scene.

Those injured were taken to rushed to Kimilili and Webuye sub-county hospitals for treatment.

Reports say the death toll could rise as a lorry that was coming from the opposite direction also plunged into the river.

The accident came barely a day after 14 other people including a child lost their lives when the Administration Police truck they were traveling in rolled several times along the Kapendo Marigat highway. 

Members of a Kalenjin based music band also perished along Total-Timboroa road when their private car rammed into a lorry on the same day.

Following the deadly accidents, Kenyans on social media have accused National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) for being slow to act.

Here are some of the comments from Twitter;

@ntsa_kenya is asleep under the blankets. All they do is get excited about drunk drivers. They don't understand what road safety means.— Ms_Rach (@mutheu71) December 11, 2017

Until when shall we lose our loved ones to road carnage?? Until when our brothers and sisters will become paralyzed and others left traumatized due to carelessly or drunk drive caused accidents. Its high time NTSA you act and act soberly.. Enough with the accidents— James Ole Katito (@ole_katitujames) December 11, 2017

Not prayer only. Someone is asleep. Corruption and lawlessness. @ntsa_kenya. Some of these tractors don't have insurance, reflectors, motorbikes without insurance...— CaptainNjorogeNjeri (@captainnjoroge) December 11, 2017

These accidents are now too much. @ntsa_kenya do something— Wainaina (@amWainaina) December 12, 2017

Others claimed that the traffic police were partly to blame for not being vigilant

Its so sad to see our traffic policemen/women tasked with ensuring sanity on our roads wake up very early in the morning to collect money from drivers. NOT interested to check on the driver's DL/driver's condition or insurance or even condition of the vehicle.— James Ole Katito (@ole_katitujames) December 11, 2017

All that can be summed up by word: CORRUPTION on our roads. Very sad!— John Nyiggih (@JNyiggih) December 11, 2017

Government neglect! Lives of Bungoma residents matters..!— Geoffrey Kurimah (@KurimahGeoffrey) December 12, 2017

Some posed questions as to why too many lives are being lost in grisly accidents

Until when shall these accidents stop happening???— Kenneth Nguyo (@kenneth_nguyo) December 11, 2017

What is going on with our roads?? These are too many deaths in a week!— Sarah Nanjala (@NanjalaSarah) December 11, 2017

Can't there be introduced a 6pm - 6am Travel ban on Highways and 10Pm - 5Am Ban for Cities & Townships Unless 4 Emergency Vehicles Ambulances , Fire Engines , Police & Military if Need be to Curb these Unavoidable Accidents which occur due to speeding , negligence , greed— The Next Big Thing (@murrayk1) December 11, 2017

Soo sad.kwani nini inakuwanga sinda when we get in December coz its normal to hear this many accident as if it's lyf style when we get in this month.its gd to our drivers to be careful in our road mostly in season— Mike Levis (@MikeLevis8) December 11, 2017