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Special investigation team's report on Kenyan school unrest has left many shocked
By Joseph G Muthama | Updated Jun 17, 2017 at 08:58 EAT
Senator Gideon Moi addresses Kaptara Pri. pupils

The latest report by special investigation team on last year’s school unrest has left many Kenyans aghast.

The Clare Omolo-led committee report revealed that homosexuality, lesbianism and devil worship start in schools. The team visited 97 schools last year and 48 out of 703 students interviewed admitted that devil worship is a reality in secondary schools.

Worse, the report says students who are lesbians are absentminded, lack concentration in class and are very secretive. Regrettably, this is not the first time for Kenyans to hear and read about such demoralising things. Notably, moral degradation and lax lifestyle in our country has left our society awash with drugs, an unprecedented avalanche of lesbianism, homosexuality, promiscuity among other sexual and immoral activities. Of grave concern is that our students have not been spared from this moral decay and rectitude.

Needless to say, pornographic materials like magazines, books, TV, movies and the internet are to blame for the turn of events. Thus some young people and adults have been ruined by addiction to pornography.

Such immoral activities should be abhorred and condemned by all right thinking Kenyans for the sake posterity. Otherwise, it is high time parents and guardians start inculcating good morals in children.

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