Man poops on himself after being caught cheating

A man in a village in Kakamega County pooped on himself after he was caught cheating with another man’s wife.

It is alleged that the husband to the said woman got news about his wife having an affair with the man. He then laid a trap for the preying man who had become a nuisance to husbands in the village.

On the fateful day, the woman saw his ‘mpango wa kando’ (side dish) in a maize plantation and signaled him. The man unaware of what was awaiting him followed the woman to their usual meeting point, a neighbour’s kitchen.

Upon reaching the kitchen he hurriedly unzipped his trouser ready to get to the business but the woman was reluctant as she urged the man to be patient. The delaying tactic was to give her husband ample time to catch the man in the act.

He was surprised by a bang on the door when it slid open and the woman’s husband entered. He was furious and armed with a panga ready to pounce on the man. He ordered the man to undress lest he beheaded him. The man in utter shock and surprise then pooped on himself.

The husband demanded that the man pay him Sh30, 000 to end the stalemate which had brought the village to a standstill. Elders then intervened and it was agreed that the man pay Sh2000 to the woman’s husband and the remaining amount be cleared at the end of the month.

The victim’s wife on hearing the awful news rushed to the scene stripped herself naked in front of her mother in-law and villagers who had turned up in large numbers to watch the drama.

She slapped her husband and wondered why he could leave her for other women in the village. His wife has since left him and is now residing in her parents’ home.

The man who is a bodaboda operator is now on a low profile as he is mocked by residents whenever they see him.

Incidences of cheating in marriages have been rampant in the area and it has led to dissolved marriages and the spread of HIV.

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