So what Uhuru is grooming his son, groom yours too

The last born son of the President of Kenya, has recently got many heads turning after being spotted behind the scenes of many landmark national events. It goes without saying that President Kenyatta has let his son tag along on these events intentionally.

This was clear especially during Obama’s visit where despite the tight security and protocol to be observed, Muhoho Kenyatta still made the list of the team to welcome President Obama.

Kenyans have had mixed reactions to the possibility that Muhoho is being groomed; with many claiming that it is a malicious plot to give him power to rule the nation when the time comes. 

First of all, if you are a father, a good father, you ought to have taken your son to your place of work and probably shown him around. If you have not done so, then that is certainly not our problem. A good father teaches his son how to become a man to be reckoned with. And this does not stop at home but stretches all the way to academic performance, professionalism and the art of being a gentleman.

President Kenyatta is basically doing his job, the job that you did not vote him in for but still has to deliver. The job of being a father. 

Recently there have been cases of all forms of indiscipline in schools, from drug abuse to arson to truancy and this here is a clear indication that someone somewhere is not doing their job. Many have been pointing fingers at the teachers, some claiming that it is the education system, other claiming it is the parents, but I say it is the Father who has failed.

For many years fathers have been known as the disciplinarians of the house and clearly the children of this generation are losing it, but the fathers are nowhere to be seen.

In most homes, fathers are the ones who live across the country trying to fend for the needs of the family. But what is there to fend for if you do not have responsible heirs to carry your family name?

This is a wakeup call to all fathers to step up their game. You are not a financier to your child, but a friend, a disciplinarian, and a role model. Uhuru is doing his Job Are you?