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The working culture in Kenya vs Abroad

I have never been to the United States or China, but I hear these people work on a daily basis. People keep time and work throughout the year. In China and Japan, for example, people are very punctual, that is, they don’t waste on unnecessary issues. Their focus is to complete the job at hand.

In Kenya, however, people want to stay in the house all day long. Young people want to watch movies all day. Children want to watch TV all day. Politicians want to play politics every day throughout the year for five years. Everybody wants to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram every day from Monday to Sunday. The working class wants to drink from Wednesday to Saturday.

My question is, when do people work? Where do they get the money? If you ask yourself these questions, you will understand the reason why it is difficult to end corruption in Kenya today. This is because if you are not working, you will probably be a con, steal money or rely on someone for your daily upkeep. You will be shocked to find that in every circle of friends, only a few people get money from working, all the others are just parasites!

Nowadays, gambling is the only option, and that’s why Sport Pesa did very well. Why? Because in a country where almost everybody is lazy, gambling is left to be the only source of money! People are idle, and they want to make quick cash without working! In simpler terms, people want to stay idle and at the same time, make money. And this has never been possible even when our forefathers were fighting for independence.

You know the funny thing is that most politicians today are lying to us that the country is growing. How? If people are always idle. The politicians have driven the public crazy by making empty promises and unrealistic goals. Everybody now believes that everything is possible, even without struggling.

Every day, we want to compare ourselves with America and China. You can’t reach where America or Japan is by stealing and staying idle. You have to work, and I mean everybody from hawkers, politicians, public servants to farmers. We are consuming more than we are producing!

I hear that in America, people work for a certain amount of hours, and the payment is per hour. You will hear them talking about 40 hours work week, 80 hours work week, 90 hours work week. Some people there can work on three different jobs per day while in Kenya, almost everybody stays idle the whole day.

In Kenya, it is difficult to achieve certain hours of work per week because of the so-called traffic jam. And yet our leaders are telling us that the country will grow at a very high rate this time around and yet the issue of traffic congestion is not a major concern to them. Without work there is no real growth. And as long as we want to grow our economy, we must change our poor and bad working culture!